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We've fixed our know-how through a decade of experience in development, construction, financing and management of several plants owned by us and third parties.
A deep knowledge in this sector and technology allows us to guarantee high quality of asset management, troubleshooting and resolution for complex events.
We operate in Italy and UK through a capillary structure ensuring the best technological and organizational standards in order to ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of services provided.
Service quality is guaranteed by our specific choice to internalize all processes and maintenance activities. In fact, we boast a highly qualified team able to effectively manage every aspect of the plant's life as well as the needs of our customers.
We provide our services to the major international players in the photovoltaic market and currently we have over 240 MWp under recurrent operation and maintenance, distributed in Italy and UK over 90 single plants.

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Founded in 2008, WiseEnergy is the largest full-service provider to the owners and financiers of renewable energy plants in Europe and the only fully integrated asset management company providing a complete range of technical, financial, administrative and operational services. Furthermore, WiseEnergy provides Technical Advisory services, analyzing various operational aspects of the plants in order to identify potential areas of improvements. Its customers include some of the leading European banks and international financial investors such as pension and private equity funds, listed investment vehicles, family offices and other institutional investors. With a presence in Italy and in the UK, WiseEnergy employs more than 30 people with a widespread expertise in technical, financial, administrative, corporate, accounting and tax aspects.
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PowerHub is a cloud-based asset management solution that marries rigorous design with flexibility and customization. It’s designed by and for renewable energy professionals to meet their needs, region by region, whatever the energy source. By intelligently centralizing and digitizing project information and connecting to all systems PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities, and insights that have the potential to save businesses money, while decreasing risk.
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GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), now part of DNV GL, is an international company that offers products and services in the renewable energy sector. With more than 9 years’ experience, GPM has consolidated its position as the independent leader in management, monitoring and control of renewable energy installations with almost 15 GW globally managed (solar and wind) and more than 2,700 facilities across the globe.
GPM has a great depth of experience with renewable energy plants ranging from 2 kW to 300MW capacity across the globe. The company offers a market-leading integrated solution set for the management and maintenance of renewable energy installations that includes Hardware, Software and Services unmatched in the industry.
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Software vendor specialised in energy information systems, QOS Energy powers Qantum®, a web based energy management platform dedicated to renewable energy assets and smart grids. Qantum® enables increasing of power production, streamlining of operation and maintenance workflows and securing of return of investment for more than 4 000 facilities worldwide, including 3.5 GW of renewable power. QOS Energy has a presence in Europe, North America and Asia.
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Kipp & Zonen is the market leader in solar radiation measurement. We have been manufacturing pyranometers since 1924 and are available at Solar Asset Management with our Italian distributor Eurelettronica Icas to provide you with expert advice on solar monitoring solutions.
Accurately measuring solar irradiance is the key to finding optimal locations, helping investment decisions, maximising operating efficiency, scheduling maintenance, monitoring performance and improving technology. As the experts, we develop high quality instruments such as the well-known passive CMP and Smart SMP series pyranometers, the CHP 1 and SHP1 pyrheliometer and the SOLYS sun tracker range.
Solar monitoring starts with accurately measuring solar irradiance with Kipp & Zonen sensors.
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Huawei, a leading global information and communication technology solutions provider, is committed to creating maximum value for customers, with products and solutions deployed in over 170 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. Combining digital information technology, Internet technology and PV generation technology, Huawei provides innovative FusionSolar Smart PV solution and inverters with a wide application in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, etc. FusionSolar Smart PV solution is to take the whole PV plant as a total product and make improvement throughout the whole process, from the PV plant construction to maintenance. It can optimize initial investment, reduce maintenance costs, increase power generation and finally increase IRR. Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV solution, featured as “Higher yields, Smart O&M, Safe and Reliable” will finally maximize value for PV plant owners or maintenance customers.
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TÜV Rheinland is a world leader in testing and supply chain management services for the solar industry. With over 35 years of experience, TÜV Rheinland offers a global presence, industry expertise and a wide-range of comprehensive services to address the challenges of the solar market. These services include testing and certification of PV modules and components, supply chain management, and independent engineering for PV power plants, supporting the PV power plant value chain. TÜV Rheinland maintains a global network of laboratories in all major solar hubs.
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skytron® energy has been developing integrated monitoring, control and supervision systems since 1977. Now one of the leading suppliers in the industry, specializing in utility-scale and commercial power plants, it has installed monitoring and control systems in more than 1,000 plants with a total capacity of more than 7.5 GWp. The company’s core competencies are plant condition monitoring, power plant control, remote plant supervision, system migration of existing power plants, operation & maintenance and PV asset management. As a technology leader, it has received a number of prestigious awards, including the highly coveted Solar Industry Award for the skylog® Data Logger System and the InterSolar Award for the PVGuard® Supervision Platform and for the StringGuard® string current measurement system.
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125 years of experience - Stäubli Electrical Connectors (formerly Multi-Contact) is part of the Stäubli Group, a technology leader and pioneer in the fields of electrical and fluid connectors, robotics and textile machinery since its foundation in 1892. Together with the company formerly known as Multi-Contact, which was founded in 1962, we have nearly 55 years of practical experience producing reliable electrical connectors for photovoltaics and other industries.
Original MC4 sets the standard - The first industrial photovoltaic connector (MC3) was introduced by Multi-Contact (Stäubli) in 1996 followed by the original MC4 in 2004 setting the industry standard ever since. The exclusive MULTILAM advanced contact technology raised the bar in terms of consistent quality and outstanding reliability.
140 GW PV capacity - Entering 2017, we have more than 140 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity, amounting to 50 % of the global cumulative PV capacity, that had been successfully connected using our Stäubli photovoltaic connectors. This figure demonstrates the reliability and highest quality of our products. They guarantee proper operation over their whole lifetime (>25 years) and have a positive impact on the bankability of photovoltaic projects.
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ESAPRO is one of the largest Italian Independent Service Provider with more than 20 years of experience in monitoring, operation, maintenance, plant optimization, revamping, technical and commercial management, security and 24/7 surveillance of renewable energy power plants such as hydro and small wind but with a unique and strong expertise in mid-large scale PV plants in Italy and Romania.
ESAPRO is the ideal partner for private and industrial owners, financing institutions, financial investors, insurance companies because of its strong customer focus, digital mind-set and advanced data analytics skills. ESAPRO in-house tools are developed and are continuously improved by ESAPRO R&D team to track trends, identify tailor products and test new product exclusively in the interest of its existing and potential future Clients.
ESAPRO security systems for mid-large PV plants are designed for being extremely dynamic and capable of adapting to each technology in order to thwart any type of intrusion. Since 2010 ESAPRO is the Industry's first supervisory institute officially authorized to operate all over Italy. Security and surveillance services are granted 24/7 from the ESAPRO advanced control room to detect and analyze in real time eventual intrusion.
In Italy ESAPRO is based in Milan and Padua with additional service centers located in Molfetta (BA), Mesagne (BR) and Rome. More than 60 direct employees are strongly dedicated and committed on serving more than 550 MW PV power plants and 10 MW small and mini wind plants distributed throughout the Country.
In Romania ESAPRO is based in Timisoara and Bucarest with additional service centers located in Braila and Baia Mare, 25 employees for serving additional 50 MW PV power plants and 17 MW hydro power plants.
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PADCON GmbH specialises in system components, inverter stations, monitoring and system communication for PV power plants. The extensive product portfolio includes solutions for solar power plants worldwide. The PADCON product range offers custom tailored components and solutions for every project; from string combiner boxes through inverter stations to complete monitoring and park control – PADCON supplies everything from one source. Numerous large-scale projects and internationally monitored PV Power of over 2,1 GW are a reflection of the confidence of PADCON customers. With its establishment in 2007 as a producer and developer of inverter stations, the foundation was laid for the rapid and sustainable growth of the company. As early as in 2008, PADCON commissioned the world’s first inverter with power of 2.5 MW. Based on this know-how, PADCON has developed products for everything to do with the inverter. As a result of those achievment, PADCON has become a partner for many well-known solar installers and had completed projects with a total of 200 MW by 2009. At the same time, PADCON recognised the great need for the monitoring of PV Power Plants with respect to function and profitability and introduced central monitoringin 2008. As a leader in this field, PADCON expanded the system monitoring as early as in 2011, to include regulations that are now statutory obligations, as active power reduction and reactive power control. Beeing mainly active in Europe until then, PADCON further expanded its internationalization in 2012 and thereby continued the consequent course of expansion. The official certificates of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and of TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency) emphasise the high qualitystandard of PADCON’s range of products and enable to meet country-specific requirements to the full extent. The 1500 Volt technology brought to the market in 2013 enabled power generation costs to be reduced significantly and thus increased the competitiveness of generating energy from the sun. For this reason PADCON globally stands for quality “Made in Germany”, innovative solutions and constant technological progress.
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BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH’s business activities range from project development and realisation of large scale PV plants, to complete range of O&M activities including PV trade and consulting services. The company covers the entire spectrum of a professional technical plant support service, including maintenance*. It can also undertake the commercial operations** management of plants. The company has an international focus with its core markets in Europe and the USA.

*O&M, EPC, availability guarantees, technical + commercial
**availability guarantees
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Greenbyte develops Breeze and Bright – the next generation analytics cloud platforms for renewable energy assets used globally by wind energy and solar PV owners, operators and asset managers to capture the full potential of renewable energy projects – resulting in a single powerful tool to monitor, analyze, plan and control diverse renewable energy portfolios of any size.
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meteocontol is one of the leading providers of monitoring solutions for private and commercial PV systems.
More than 43,000 solar systems with a total power of over 12 GWp are currently monitored.
As consultant and technical service provider, meteocontrol offers state of the art technological solutions and accompanies solar projects during the entire lifecycle of a project.
meteocontrol is a contact partner for developers, EPC´s, investors, banks, insurance companies, utilities, trade and industry.
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The ENcome group is a leading European independent service provider for the operation of photovoltaic power plants, focusing on Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Technical Asset Management (TAM) and Technical Advisory. ENcome services plants with a nominal capacity of more than 500 Megawatt across various countries. ENcome’s headquarter is located in Klagenfurt (Austria). Subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, UK and Germany, a representative office in France as well as partners in several other countries ensure local presence in most European photovoltaic countries.
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Raycatch develops DeepSolar™ – an autonomous AI software application that eliminates any guess work or manual monitoring done by solar (PV) plant owners and operators. DeepSolar™ automatically identifies and quantifies all physical parameters and problems that impact the performance of the plant. This field-tested expert system is plug & play and does not require any human intervention or software integration.
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Security Trust is a group that has 25 years of extensive experience in Design, Installation and Maintenance of integrated security systems.
The Company owes its success to conspicuous investments in research and development and today has a significant position in major markets: public administration, renewable energies, industrial and retail.
The Group is an international company that is able to provide turnkey services and is operating actively in Italy, in Great Britain and in Romania achieving approximately a turnover of 10 million euros with a remarkable position in the following areas of Business:
  • Institutions and Public Administrations
  • Institutions and Public Administrations
  • Industry
  • Infrastructure and Distribution
  • Bank Institutions
  • Land and Environment
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GILDEMEISTER is your partner for development, planning, turn-key construction and operation & maintenance of solar systems - worldwide. GILDEMEISTER supports you in identifying suitable buyers and investors as well as different types of finance.
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SMA America is the U.S.-based subsidiary of global PV leader SMA Solar Technology AG. SMA is a power conversion, energy management and service support provider for residential through utility-scale photovoltaic systems. SMA’s leading range of solar inverters and related technologies spans all power classes and is compatible with all module types, resulting in the largest solutions portfolio in the industry.
SMA is the top-ranked service provider by third-party analysis. SMA’s Solar Asset Management portfolio of services provides developers, EPCs, utilities, and investors with the PV industry’s best financial backstop and long-term plan to maximize system performance. Since launching its plant-wide O&M service in 2013, SMA has been trusted with more than 1GW of commercial and utility contracts.
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ADLER Solar is the leading full service provider for the solar industry. We deliver a broad spectrum of technical solutions and services that guarantee a high-performance level and smooth running of a photovoltaic plant throughout its entire life-cycle. As independent PV experts with headquarters in Bremen and a branch in Waldkraiburg near Munich, as well as an office in London, we support manufacturers, operators, installers, technical advisors, insurance companies and banks with our expertise “Made in Germany”. Our service portfolio includes after-sales-services, repowering, inverter-services, engineering, testing, logistics, claim management and procurement of spare parts.
ADLER Solar employs 100 members of staff in Germany, Europe and Japan. Since 2015, ADLER Solar has been operating in Japan as part of a joint venture with YKD, ADLER Solar Works. In the same year, the Norwegian company Aqualis ASA and ADLER Solar Services GmbH entered into a strategic partnership.
Adler Solar Website
Ampt serves the global solar market to provide system level optimization of large-scale PV systems. Ampt delivers innovative products that are used to:
  • Lower the cost and improve performance of new PV systems;
  • Repower existing systems to produce more energy;
  • Enable low-cost DC-coupled storage systems, and;
  • Provide string-level data for improved O&M.
Ampt DC power optimizers improve performance and lower costs by:
  • Performing MPPT – Ampt performs MPPT on every 3 to 6kW of PV which is 50 to 300 times more granular than typical central inverters without Ampt. The higher the MPPT granularity, the more energy produced.
  • Decreasing wiring costs – Ampt doubles the string lengths to reduce the number of combiners and homeruns by 50%.
  • Reducing inverter costs – Ampt Optimizers allow inverters to operate in Ampt Mode® which increases the inverters rated output power by 40-70% to reduce the inverter cost per watt.
Ampt’s award winning power optimization technology and communications capabilities improve the way PV systems are designed and operated. Headquartered in Colorado, the company has sales and support in North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea as well as representation in Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.
AMPT Website
iLumen is a high end product developer and manufacturer with its own R&D department.
Dedicated engineers work daily to develop and create products to monitor your PV system, to help increase the yield and to ease up the maintenance process. iLumen is most famous for its patented PIDbox which increases the yield of PV systems. Only iLumen offers solutions to the market for each type of inverter and each type of solar panel.
iLumen Website
ekogrid is a solution provider that offers a comprehensive application platform for the management of photovoltaic plants and other energy-related assets. Based on an innovative Internet-of-Things end-to-end solution stack for the remote integration of decentralized assets, ekogrid's platform can service PV plants and other power systems with any kind of equipment, incorporate plants with already existing monitoring systems, and seamlessly integrate external applications by general businesses (e.g. utilities) and governmental bodies (e.g. GSE, customs office) into a unified information system. ekogrid can be extended and fully adapted with add-on modules, allowing customers to autonomously tailor the software to their business processes.
ekogrid is currently employed by O&Ms, asset owners and IPPs to achieve the greatest return on operations, maintenance, and the financial management of PV plants, cogeneration systems, and other power systems across Europe, Africa and Asia.
Ekogrid Website
Solargis is the world-renowned source of solar resource data for pre-feasibility, planning, development, independent performance assessment and production forecasting of solar power plants.
Solargis monitoring solutions make PV monitoring workflows more efficient and data analysis more reliable. Traditionally the solar industry has relied primarily on solar sensors for collecting weather data necessary for performance monitoring of PV systems. However, on-site measurements present several challenges – even more so, if they are used for managing a large portfolio of PV systems.
Solargis data make it possible to independently confirm on regular basis validity of performance ratio calculations based on ground measurements. As the satellite data come from an independent service provider, they can also be used for settling contractual arguments relating to doubts about measurements from pyranometers.
Solargis Website
Inaccess provides innovative centralized management solutions for Renewable Energy and Telecom infrastructures with global presence (in Americas, Europe and Asia), mostly offered on a turn-key basis. With its recent strategic partnership with Draker in the US and a cumulative portfolio of more than 6.5GWp across 4,000+ sites, our technical solutions have established a significant track record.
Our objective is to provide high quality solutions to our clients (Utilities, EPCs, O&Ms, Developers and Funds) for better and effective management of their renewable assets.

In 2014 & 2015, Inaccess with Draker have been acknowledged as: #3 independent monitoring provider for the utility-scale PV segment globally (in MW)

As of end of 2016:
6.5GW worldwide of which 2.5GW are located in the US

Our mission is to help our customers build and operate effectively their valuable renewable assets throughout a mix of state-of-the-art systems, intelligent software and value added services.
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VOLTALIA is a French renewable electricity company listed on the regulated Euronext market in Paris since July 2014 and active in four energies: wind, solar, hydro and biomass. The acquisition of 100% of Martifer Solar´s capital in August 2016, a leading global player in PV market, enable VOLTALIA to accelerate its development strategy through the diversification of its international presence, its energy mix and also its business model, extending its international reach and now has teams spread out over 17 countries (compared to 4 prior) and active in 29 countries. By adding the provision of development, construction, operation and maintenance services to its existing activity of producing electricity from renewable energy, VOLTALIA is strengthening its industrial expertise and adding a new less capital-intensive business. This combined with its own activity, further increases growth prospects for this new VOLTALIA. VOLTALIA presents to the market as a specialist in the construction and operation of renewables assets. As core activities VOLTALIA develops, owns and operates power plants with a multi-energy strategy, by selecting the best sites for renewable power producing from wind, solar, hydro and biomass. As an integrated industrial player, VOLTALIA is present throughout the value chain: development, construction, operation and maintenance of electricity power plants.
Voltalia Website
DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials with annual net sales of about €10 billion and approximately 25,000 employees worldwide. In the solar industry we apply our 100-year track record in materials sciences innovation to create a family of unique, sustainable technologies that reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE): Same sun. More power.™
Our Anti-Reflective coating for PV modules leads the industry by enabling a 3% power gain compared to untreated glass; and the technology has now been extended to create an Anti-Soiling coating that harnesses more energy by reducing soiling losses in arid climates. Meanwhile our Endurance backsheets are redefining the way manufacturers safeguard their modules by delivering both maximum protection and energy gain.
DSM will present at the Solar Asset Management Conference in Milano its latest development for the PV aftermarket; an anti-reflective coating that can be applied to modules in the field, boosting the output of existing PV parks up to 3%.
DSM Website
EcoWay is the italian leading trading company on environmental markets.We help our clients to improve performance, competitiveness and profits by optimising the management of their energy portfolio and CO2 emissions.
We are a key player in Italy in the collection and dispatch of renewable energy and we’re continuing to increase our range of services in order to help industrial organisations and energy producers to participate correctly in the environmental and energy markets.
Ecoway Website
Hukseflux Thermal Sensors is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of sensors for solar radiation measurement. Hukseflux takes measurement to the next level. Take a look at our latest pyranometer innovations, supporting O&M and solar asset management: improved measurement accuracy and data availability, and suitability for remotely controlled field calibration. Customers are served through the main office in the Netherlands, and locally owned representations in the USA, Brazil, India, China and Japan.
Hukseflux Website
Higeco MORE is a full-service partner in the world of renewable energy. The company designs and develops state-of-the-art products and is committed to providing effective system engineering and turnkey solutions for monitoring, control and supervision of utility scale grade PV plants. Our team specializes in software customization and hardware design such as dynamic power plant control, system migration and retrofit. Higeco MORE also offers international project development, asset management of PV systems, data hosting and multi-site control room SCADA.
Higeco MORE Website
Enerray S.p.A., founded in 2007, is an Italian company leader in the design, installation, development and management of utility scale and industrial photovoltaic systems.
As a company part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group, an industrial corporation founded in 1879, with a global presence, 58 factories and a turnover of 1,27 billion dollars, Enerray provides turnkey solutions for industrial roofing, on-ground installations, shelters and greenhouses, competing as a reliable partner, that can guarantee the best performance and function of the plants.
Enerray’s EPC and O&M services are based on a well established and continuously growing experience, acquired on various plants and on an overall power of 800 MWp installed and under construction, and more than 700 MWp under maintenance worldwide.
In line with the international culture of the entire Maccaferri Industrial Group, Enerray is present on international markets, constantly looking for new opportunities of growth and development, since 2011.
Enerray owns subsidiaries in Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Romania and Thailand, but is active and develops markets in other countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia.
Enerray Website
Soul srl is a firm, based in Italy’s Alto Adige region, with pluriennial experience in renewable energy, research & development and business consulting. Drawing from its strong experience in analysis and identification of green economy opportunities, it offers a wide range of business solutions for clients and partners. The company delivers services to increase the cash flow, during challenging times in which the recent legislation changes have made it difficult to maintain it, through activities such as land registry value reviews, tax reductions on environmental investments, cancellation of grid charges, and many other services. Soul's preliminary studies are completely free, non-committal and definitely interesting for our clients.
Soul srl Website
SOLUZIONE SOLARE is a manufacturer mainly of Solar Sensors. The company applies photovoltaic and thermopile technology to manufacture the sensors. Measuring the right portion of the solar spectrum is fundamental for precise monitoring of performances and in preliminary diagnosis of photovoltaic systems. SUNMETER, launched in 2009, was the first digital sensor for solar radiation with output in RS485 Modbus on the market. Now SunmeterPRO is the evolution of Sunmeter with PV cell laminated as a micro PV module and an enhanced firmware allows you to do also other measurement calculations of the performances. Soluzione Solare also performs calibration of its own sensors, as well as several solar sensors of other manufacturers. Our main office is in Vicenza; local representation in Lebanon and Japan.
Soluzione Solare Website
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Moroni & Partners is one of the largest Italian energy engineering consultants and, with more than 4 GW of experience, provides Engineering, Technical Advisory and Asset Management services.
A team of more than 50 professionals working on renewable energy sources and high energy efficiency systems is able to satisfy the needs of banks, investors, industrial customers, public authorities and EPC contractors.
Our company is based on three business divisions:

The Engineering Division: deals with permitting process, design, construction supervision and safety of power plants. Furthermore this division offers energy saving solutions for the industrial, civil and tertiary sectors.
The Technical Advisory Division: carries out consultancy activities and instrumental analyses on operating energy plants, working with major banks and investment funds as well as with investors seeking for an independent analysis on their investment. The Asset Management Division: provides a complete management of the plant, from performance monitoring to management of administrative and tax fulfillments related to RES activities.
Moroni & Partners Website
Photon Energy Cardio provides services and spare parts for approximately 160 MW of central inverters in Europe. We specialise in Satcon and Siemens central inverters. Our team of highly dedicated technical staff commissioned more than 200 MW of central inverters since 2010.
Photon Energy Cardio is a part of Photon Energy Group, a worldwide PV solutions provider headquartered in Amsterdam. Photon Energy Group offers full O&M and monitoring service for 180+ MWp in Europe and Australia and has built and commissioned 50 MWp of PV power plants in both continents.
Photon Energy Website
AEROPROTECHNIK is an Engineering Company focused on advanced and automated solutions for solar PV IR Inspection.
AEROPROTECHNIK proprietary SMART SOLAR PV (IR) inspection Solution offers very cost effective, quicker and improved results for PV plant defect detection quantification, route cause analysis and preventive maintenance.
The In house “PV Analytics” capabilities allow us to correlate and transform huge amount of inspectional and operational data into actionable information to support real-time business decisions.
The solution is able to follow up degradation, trend identification and support on predictive maintenance by detecting, classifying and quantifying existing as well as tracking upcoming anomalies.
Aeroprotechnik Website
Vaisala is a global weather expert with an integrated suite of measurement, assessment, forecasting, and asset management products and services. We help clients around the world fully understand weather risks and their impact on energy production to site and operate renewable energy projects better, faster, and more efficiently. Vaisala 3TIER Services was the first to develop a high-resolution global solar dataset and remains a leader in the sector, providing bankable solar solutions from prospecting through due diligence and asset management. Experienced and trusted, our team has delivered over 800 solar assessments on 6 continents for 42 GW of proposed solar capacity and helped secure over $10 billion in solar financing and loan guarantees, including many of the world's largest projects.
Vaisala Website
Ingeteam is a company specialising in power and control electronics (inverters, frequency converters, controllers and protections), generators, motors and pumps, electrical engineering and automation projects, electrical panels and medium voltage cells, in addition to biomass and solar thermal plant engineering. The company completes its offer with operation & maintenance services. Ingeteam develops its products in the following key sectors: wind, PV, hydro and fossil fuel power generation; metal processing industry; marine; rail traction; power grid, including substations, always seeking to optimise energy consumption and to maximise generating efficiency, also covering energy transport and distribution.
The company operates throughout the world, employing 3,700 persons. R&D is the backbone of Ingeteam's business activity, in which 7% of the company's turnover is invested annually.
Ingeteam Website
DIVE Group is a center of management and scientific competencies whose main mission is to develop ideas, already validated in their R&D process. As its first results from the technology transfer process, Energy Plus was born as a response to the growing need and sensitivity regarding the recovery of the efficiency loss caused by soiling effects.
This business unit promotes Pannel Plus®, an innovative, nanotechnological product developed specifically for the photovoltaic market. It is applicable in any context of the most critical and problematic environmental situation, where outdoor temperature, dust, inorganic or organic pollutants and even bird droppings significantly reduce plant performance, Pannel Plus restores and maintains optimal efficiency conditions over time.
DIVE Group Website
Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH is the leading specialist for advanced PV monitoring data analysis and performance improvement. As the majority of PV plants are underperforming – we help you to get the most out of your assets. AES PIT analysis tools are unique and allow cost efficient detection of hidden value on top of your monitoring software. Currently, we execute performance improvement analyses in more than 11 countries and for more than 700 MW.
Alternative Energy Solutions Website
Founded in 2015, in Barcelona, we are an independent engineering consultancy highly specialized in solar PV offering a complete range of services for investors, IPP, lenders, developers, and EPC.
With a deep understanding of solar inverters technology, our team has more than a decade of extensive experience in the field. We have the capability to work at every phase of a project: early stages of development, feasibility, design, tenders, construction and operations.
In the operations phase, we help investors to define and implement long term strategies: risk assessments, restructuring of service contracts, technical inspections, O&M operations audits, technical trainings, and service contracts negotiations.
Siconia Website
Bird Control Group develops innovative laser equipment to keep birds at a distance from human activities to make it safer, avoid substantial damage, costly down time and reduce maintenance cost.
Our bird repelling laser are highly effective to repel birds, while remaining animal friendly and without causing nuisance for the environment. The principle of repelling birds with a laser beam is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical object. It appeals to the survival instinct, causing the birds to fly away. It’s safe, silent and birds do not get used to the laser beam. Build in safety features such as HSS (Horizontal Safety System) and PSS (Projection Safety System) avoid the possibility of blinding or distracting people.
Bird Control Group is a Deloitte Technology Fast50 Rising Star and the second most innovative company in the Netherlands and currently operates in more than 75 countries. The solutions of Bird Control Group are in use in many industries including renewable energy, agriculture, aviation, industrial sites and oil and gas.
Bird Control Group Website
Strengthened by 30+ combined years of the management team’s experience in renewables and best-in- class commercial, financial and technical skills, Proxima delivers strategic services of Asset Management for Photovoltaic and Wind energy with a constant monitoring of your portfolio. We increase performance, enhance processes and guide clients through all technical and commercial matters, thus allowing them to extract the highest possible returns from their assets. We provide technical and commercial services (TCM) to investors and financial institutions, such as:
 Systems/procedures set-up for monitoring/reporting of portfolio performance
 Management of all relevant counterparts
 Administrative and operation management, including energy sales, invoicing, and unbalancing costs
 Accounting management and invoicing
 Participation in energy markets through management of dispatching costs
 Support to stakeholders in investment/disinvestment of Renewable Energy Assets or in case of distressed assets
 Preparation of documentation for GSE inspections and services for compliance to sector regulations
 Technical Due Diligence
We support investors and those who plan to invest in energy production plants with our technical, administrative and financial expertise. As a member of Assilea, the Italian Association of Financial Leasing Banks, we also advise financial institutions. Experience, flexibility and a goal-driven attitude are at the core of our management approach. The results that we have achieved for leading energy, financial and industrial clients are there to prove it
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