Program Outline - Day 1

Session 1
• Opening by conference Chairman
• What is next for solar in Europe
• The real demands of asset owners and lenders in a maturing market

Session 2A

• Computational Physics for Predictive Maintenance
• Unlocking the potential power of solar
• PV Plant Performance - Analytics to Action

Session 2B

• Solar projects risk mitigation and management
• Solar farm security; preventive measures and solutions
• Effective warranty claims for existing and new assets

Session 2C

• EU key market updates
• Roundtable Q&A per country

Session 3A

• Case studies of retrofitting PV assets with anti-reflective coating
• Revamping and Repowering: Turning the underperforming solar power plant into a high-performing asset

Session 3B

• Contracts Standardization and Common Risk Management; latest insight across Europe
• Balancing CAPEX, OPEX and asset profitability

Session 3C

• Solar Market Parity in Europe
• Deployment of Solar PV financing
Session 4
• Transforming Operations for Unsubsidized PV assets
• Digital transformation as a driver for competitiveness in PV Services
• Panel discussion and Q&A

Program Outline - Day 2

Session 5
• Opening by conference Chairman
• Status of the European PV secondary market
• Strategic M&A

Session 6A

• Intelligent monitoring for preventive O&M
• Prerequisites towards data intelligence for renewable assets
• Case studies on AI and Machine Learning

Session 6B

• Corporate PPA mechanisms
• De-risking PPAs

Session 6C

• Drivers of module prices today and tomorrow
• N-type bifacial PV module system design considerations
• Measurement and validation of bifacial modules’ power output

Session 7A

• Quantifying the impact of aerial Inspections

Session 7B

• The future of Renewable Energy Trading: New market scenarios
• PPAs, VPPAs, DERs & VPPs in the context of the EU Clean Energy Package

Session 7C

• Experiences with integrating PV into the grid
• Asset Management considerations for adding storage into projects
Session 8
• The path ahead for solar in Europe in an ever-changing environment