14 October 2015, by Solarplaza

Stefano Cruccu, the event's project manager

The 3rd edition of the Solar Asset Management Europe conference will take place in Milan next week – and there are some big questions to address.
The European PV market is going through a major transition and earning models are changing: solar no longer relies solely on FiTs but can now base its competitiveness on the cost of the electricity generated (LCOE); batteries’ prices are dropping fast, allowing better and more efficient integration of non-programmable renewables in the grid; and portfolio consolidation is growing stronger.

The secondary market for PV plants is becoming increasingly active, with dozens MW being traded every week across the continent. Consolidation in PV portfolios is also resulting in consolidation of service providers that now need to operate and maintain larger portfolios.

All of this shows clearly that the European solar market is maturing. But there is still some way to go before PV is recognized as a fully-fledged energy source, and thereby entirely integrated in the grid. And getting there raises big questions:

  • How can we improve data management and what will future-proof data platforms look like?

  • How can PV assets’ valuation and sales of solar assets be made more uniform and efficient?

  • What value does energy trading offer to solar plant owners across Europe?

  • How should O&M and AM offerings be standardized?

Solar Asset Management Europe, the largest international solar conference in Europe, will try to address these and other important questions in Milan on 20-21 October 2015.

Leading asset owners and managers, O&M providers, IPPs, developers and investors will gather at the event from all over Europe to learn from 40+ international experts and access 15+ hours of pure networking time.
This is a unique opportunity to join a very high-level mix of financial and technical stakeholders involved in solar asset management. It is the 3rd conference organized by Solarplaza as part of its international circuit of Solar Asset Management events in the world (US and Japan being the other markets currently covered, with a 4th annual meeting to be announced soon).

The conference is filling up quickly; book your ticket today to be sure of a place.

Should you have any questions, please contact:
Stefano Cruccu
Senior Project Manager, Solarplaza
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