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Comprehensive Guide to European Solar Asset Owners

As the calendar inches towards Solar Asset Management Europe 2018 and to take better stock of the solar ownership across the continent, we have compiled this comprehensive list of European solar asset owners.

Europe has experienced an uptick in annual solar PV installations over the course of last year.  According to SolarPower Europe, European PV installments grew by 28%, to 8.61 GW in 2017. The region is poised to install an average of 14 GW every year till 2022 and approximately 11GW by the end of 2018. Furthermore, the European solar market is at the cusp of a new cycle, no longer bolstered by feed-in tariffs. This new post-subsidy era has encouraged a healthy investor appetite for new bankable solar business models. Another consistent theme has been the ever-changing landscape of European PV ownership and secondary PV market consolidation amongst major European solar markets.  

To learn more about what comes next for solar in Europe and how to optimize the management as well as the O&M of your solar assets, join the pre-eminent Solar Asset Management Europe 2018, taking place on 23&24 of October in Milan.

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