Following the report on 15 largest transactions of operational portfolios/plants in North America, Solarplaza extended the research to the largest PV portfolio transactions happening in Europe. For every transaction, we collected information about the seller, buyer, value of the transaction, project size and number of plants (if it concerns a portfolio transaction), country and transaction date.

Before diving into the numbers, here are some interesting observations on the overview:

  • The United Kingdom is represented 8 times (out of 15), making it the largest secondary market in terms of transactions. In that rank, the UK is followed by Italy, France and Spain.

  • The values of the transactions vary greatly , despite the project sizes

  • Private equity and financial investors are the main buyers in the secondary market

  • The sellers form a diverse group – from developers to utilities

Please be aware some transaction values are rough estimations, based on average known transaction values for other plants of similar size.

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